About Us

You know these guys?

We started as high school friends, later college roomates (Go UCF!) and while each of us became business leaders in our respected industries, we both had our fair share of ups and downs along the way. With backgrounds in Finance, Accounting, Real Estate and Web Development we bring with us a wide range of knowledge, including that which can only comes from trial and error. 🙂

Through frugal living and wise investing each of us has overcome some huge debt obstacles, whether it being paying off $47,000 of student loan debt in 18 months or digging out of some bad real estate deals. We genuinely have a passion for finance and want to really help people make better financial choices, for example not just when it comes evaluating the best loan deals, but whether getting a loan at all is the best move.

We want to share our stories from our college days in finance, building and selling homes, web development ventures, cryptocurrency trading, land acquisitions, life in fortune 500 corporate finance, to being family men. We want to give tools and information to help people evaluate for themselves how to best use their money and time.

We’ve shared our approach on personal finance with family, friends, and coworkers and have been inspired to start a personal finance blog in order share our financial insight and join the online community!

Our Approach

Do you have a ThinkRich or ThinkPoor mindset? It’s up to you to decide, but it’s also likely we all have a little bit of both.

We are passionate about helping others achieve financial independence by helping others break out of common mindsets that are holding them back.

Meet the Team



Certified Public Accountant

Masters of Business Administration

Masters of Science in Accounting

Chartered Global Management Accountant

Family Man

  • Corporate Vice President of Finance for a Global Fortune 500 company
  • Certified Financial Trainer for learning products
  • Global Investment Brokerage experience
  • Investor – Stocks and Currency
  • Bought and Sold Homes
  • Divorced, has a teenage son
  • Paid off over $47,000 in student loans
  • In the past has cried at night over financial situation



Bachelors of Science Finance

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Digital Marketing Specialist


Family Man

  • Former Vice President of a Regional Home Builder
  • Built custom homes for personal use
  • Real Estate Agent – Residential and Land Development
  • Bought and Sold Homes
  • Online Marketing and Web Development Specialist
  • Married with two daughters
  • Investor – Stocks and Currency
  • Degree in Finance