Our Favorite Personal Finance Blogs and Why (For 2018)

After reading hundreds of personal finance blog articles over the years, we decided to start our own personal finance blog and share our stories and knowledge with the online community.  Stories and knowledge anywhere from our college days in finance, building and selling homes, overcoming student loan debt, life in finance corporate america, investing in crypto-currency, to being family men.

We want to spread the word about some of our favorite personal finance blogs we’ve read, including some quick details about each site and our favorite article.



Target: Investing 


Jeremy launched ModestMoney in 2012 at 31 years old and has grown a robust personal finance blog over the years.  As his readership grew and matured his site evolved to meet the needs around investment topics.  ModestMoney has an extensive finance blog ranking list, check it out!

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Our personal favorite ModestMoney article: Dealing with Financial Challenges




Target: Money Management  


J.D. Roth founded Get Rich Slowly in 2006 and has had an interesting ride throughout the years.  Having sold the site in 2009, then later buying it back in 2017 has grown a very deep site that really touches on all aspects of money management.  If you go to his Archive page, you will spend days there; and enjoy every minute of it — very valuable information!

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Our personal favorite GetRichSlowly article: The Complete Guide to Building an Emergency Fund



Target: Money Management 


Bobby started his site back in 2015 and has had his articles featured just about everywhere, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Forbes, US News, just to name a few.  On top of offering valuable personal finance content, he started to promote some courses online.  We’ve taken his Blow up your Blog course and it is very good, would certainly recommend it to those looking to increase their Facebook presence.

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Our personal favorite M$M article: 5 Financial Goals You Should Accomplish Before Turning 30




Target: Money Management and Investing


Sam started his site in 2009 and has been a staple in the personal finance blog arena ever since.  His articles have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Forbes, Market Watch, just to name a few.  Given Sam’s background in investing he does a really good job with writing technical investing and wealth management pieces.

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Our personal favorite Financial Samurai article: 2018 Investment Outlook



Target: Budgeting


Will, Lynn, and Greg (friends since high school) created Wisebread.com in December of 2006.  Since then the site has grown into a community of bloggers all geared on living a large life on a small budget.  Wisebread has a family feel to each blog post and we really enjoy the interesting ideas in the Frugal Living and Life Hack sections.

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Our personal favorite WiseBread article: What are you thankful for?



Target: Money Management (focus on Saving)


Crystal started MoneySavingMom in 2006 and is big into smart shopping, finding savings everywhere. MoneySavingMom offers and array of traditional money management articles with several deep sections on discounts, deals, coupons, freebies, and more.

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Our personal favorite MoneySavingMom article: Income Earning Ideas

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If you are looking for a comprehensive list of financial blogs that are ranked by traffic, social influence and SEO scores, check out this list of nearly 1000 blogs from Modest Money.

This where we currently rank, but we have big goals to climb the charts.

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