4 Clear Signs You’re Over Your Job AND 4 Things You Can Do About It Right Now

You may have joined the workplace full of buzz and excitement, ready to tread into the unknown waters and now a couple of years have passed and it is starting to feel as if something has changed.

You are more easily overwhelmed, your health seems to be suffering, and you have little work-life balance left.

It can get a little hard to decide if you are really over your job, or if it is a burnout phase that will pass.

Here’s a little guide to help you figure things out:

Your Skill Set is Not In Line With Your Passions

You can get a job that you may be great at, even exceptional but if it is not something that you enjoy, and then you definitely will not be able to retain it in the long run. For example, you may be great at organizing, micromanaging, and making spreadsheets but let us admit, it can get mundane.

If your job is not sparking some fire, and the skills that you have to perform are not in line with your passion, then the tired feeling that you are suffering from may be more than just a burnout.

What you can do about it: You do not have to quit your job to fix this problem; not at all. You can simply add to your mundane tasks a little spark, ask your boss to switch the positions if it is possible to something that you would love to do. You can also start a hobby outside of work and understand your job is fueling your hobby that you love.

The Money is Not Enough $$$

Hey, someone needs to pay the bills and you cannot just get by on minimal allowance for long. If you find that the pay scale has not risen after a certain reasonable amount has passed, and you are not getting the pay that anyone in your industry with the same qualifications is getting, then maybe it’s time to start looking for other opportunities.

What you can do about it: This is a slightly trickier question to answer, because many factors play into the financial issues. It is entirely possible that your company may be going through a tough time, and needs a little time to stand back up on its feet. In that event, you should think about if you are willing to wait or not. There are 4 important things to do before asking for a raise.

Learning how to spend wisely may also be a good idea. There are plenty of DIY, budget formulas and finance apps out there to help you out with this.

Your Workplace Environment is Not Healthy

Many of the corporate settings are highly competitive, and people are often found pulling each other’s legs so they have more room to climb up the ladder. Not everyone is suited to work in this kind of environment, and if you feel that everyone around you is having a negative impact on you then maybe you cannot work this job in the long run.

What you can do about it: You can join the competition and start pulling everyone else’s leg as well (not that we recommend that), but that will not make you happy down the road. Most workplaces are like that because a certain amount of competition helps the company grow. However, if it’s starting to impact you negatively, maybe it’s time to pull back just a little.

You can gently let people know if you aren’t into these games, which you simply are not into these games. Or you can just leave because this particular situation is not in your control.

Your Personal Life Is Suffering

The biggest red flag of a bad job is when you find that your personal life, whether it is familial, financial, or physical, starts to suffer. If you find that the workload or the time hours of a particular job is so much that you simply cannot maintain a work-life balance anymore, then perhaps it is time to rethink where you stand.

What you can do about it: Human beings are not machines, and there needs to be a line drawn between a person’s workplace and other aspects of their life. Do not take work home if you can finish it at the office. Make time for your family and friends. Paid leaves are everyone’s basic rights, so use them and travel or go on vacations.

Think Differently, ThinkRich:

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed, as if you are over your job, remember that there are many solutions to the problem that do not involve quitting the job entirely. You do not want to seem fickle, and a job-hopper, so you may want to stick around and fix the issue before you make the final decision. Education yourself on the market, talk with family & friends, send us a message if you’d like as well —- we’re here to help you with the knowledge and tools needed to make your very best financial decision possible.