11 Interesting Characteristics of Successful People

Looking for the perfect equation for success? If you envy the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and/or Mark Zuckerberg, you should know that most billionaires have similar characteristics that helped them reach their success.

Sometimes it takes sheer hard work and resilience to accomplish your goals, other times it’s simply dumb luck. Whether you are looking for personal or professional achievements, understanding the characteristics of successful people can help cultivate the traits needed to reach the pinnacle of success.

Here are the Top 11 Characteristics of Successful People.

#1 Strong commitment

Although intelligence and talent contribute to paving the road to success, you need to have a solid commitment to help you stay on track. You can’t expect to become an expert at something when you don’t feel the need to nurture your talents.

People who have made it to the top have invested thousands of hours and infinite efforts to develop their skills. The sad part about many geniuses today is that they lack the dedication and passion it takes to work on their ambitions.

#2 Ability to Learn from their Mistakes

What is it that separates successful people from those who keep trying? The key is to avoid repeating the same mistakes that eventually lead to failure.

Nobody can guarantee you success. But everybody likes someone who humbly admits when they made a mistake and tries to do everything they can in their capacity to rectify the mistake. Successful people don’t dwell on setbacks but return with a new surge of energy to make things right.

#3 Adaptability

Did you know that some of today’s most successful millionaires started their companies from their garages? Microsoft, Amazon, Google and HP are only a few of the billion dollar companies that experienced humble beginnings.

Failing to see the bigger picture is one of the worst things you can do to sabotage your career. Planning is important but keeping room for unforeseen circumstances gives you a Plan B when something doesn’t go the way you expected.
Research reveals that flexibility is a sign of intelligence and is not a weakness.

When your mind finds solutions to cope with an unfavorable life event, you may find you can make the most out of any situation.

#4 Organized

You don’t need to develop an obsessive compulsive disorder to be successful. But who knows how different David Beckham would have been without his strong desire to organize everything into pairs? De-clutter your personal and professional space to focus more on what’s important. The key is to continue fixing the small stuff by never taking your eyes off the bigger picture.

#5 Ability to Delegate

You can’t do everything at once. That’s why successful people delegate tasks when the need arises. Outsourcing is common to get most of your work done by trained professionals from all over the world. Attempting to shoulder everything is a surefire path to a burnout.

#6 Improvement over Time

You have a fair chance of being successful if you have a hunger for self-improvement. Be your own worst critic and you would never have to face a rejection. Work on improving your skill-set and acquiring new skills. Stay updated to know what’s trending in your industry.

#7 Knowing how to Reward Themselves

It is sometimes hard to take a step back and relax when you are running on full throttle. Take some time off and pay attention to your physical and emotional needs.
Meditation, a mini-vacation or a hobby are ways to reward your efforts. The point is to avoid a burnout and stay focused without sacrificing who you are.

#8 Keeping Calm under Pressure

Another trait of highly successful people is that they never succumb to deadlines or pressure. They don’t lose the sense of direction or purpose in a crisis. This characteristic serves as a compass to guide you in the right direction.

#9 Practice Accountability

You would rarely see a thriving CEO blaming his employees for a recent failure. Owning the failure engenders trust. Truly successful people own both the credit and also the set-backs.

#10 Reliability

Successful people are plan and simple reliable; when they say something will happen, more times then not it comes into reality. This does not even have to be about big things, sometimes consistency making family game night is a mark of success.

#11 Giving Back

Ever wondered why your favorite celebrity donates generously to a cause? Successful people are aware of the power they have to help others. In doing so, they not just win lifelong loyalty but also make the world a better place to live in.

Final Thoughts

Unless you’ve hit the lottery, there is no such thing as an overnight success. A goal oriented behavior with the right positive mental attitude and effective communication help you overcome your fears and materialize your dreams. Check out 11 habits of self-made millionaires here!

What Characteristics Do You Think Best Lead to Success? Comment Below!