Top 10 Tech Stocks Right Now

Tech investing is not for the faint of heart. However, if you buy the right companies and hold on to them, you can score life-changing gains.

Here at ThinkRichThinkPoor we do not recommend stock picking and really feeling that trying to pick individual stocks that beat the average return of the market is not much different than gambling. With that said, it is rather interesting to follow tech industry stocks as there has been much exciting news out in the market lately.

Today, things look good for old and new tech companies. Let’s take a look at the top 10 tech stocks right now:

1. Amazon

Since its inception 1994, the once online retailer has now evolved to become a leading tech giant. Its dynamic AWS or Amazon Web Services platform provides services for databases, storage, computing, networking and artificial/machine learning.
Amazon announced in June that the Formula One Group has chosen AWS as its cloud and machine learning provider. This is great news as the world’s leading motorsport competition aims to partner with AWS for enhancing its digital broadcasts and data tracking systems.

2. Apple

According to recent news that surfaced in July, the tech giant is set to enhance its MacBook Pro line up with updated Intel processors. Apple also claims that the upgraded lineup is going to be 70% faster than all previous generations.

3. Microsoft

Being the industry’s leading software and hardware tech giant, the company has been attracting business users with its productivity suite that includes Cloud segments and the Office. Microsoft made an incredible announcement in July to announce a new addition to its Surface lineup. The product is all set to help iPad users and students and is called the Surface Go.

4. Alphabet

Created in 1998, Google soon became a household name with its brilliant products including Google Cloud, Google Play, Google Maps and YouTube. Alphabet is the holding company of Google which functions through multiple brands. Alphabet is thriving to be the A-Z o the internet and the future looks promising.

5. Facebook

Facebook is the social media giant that has successfully connected more than a billion users with its product suite. With products like WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus, we have high hopes from Facebook.
With 2.20 billion active users, Facebook continues to expand its userbase. Moreover, Facebook has also launched IGTV that targets content creators who largely use YouTube for showcasing their work.

6. Intel

Intel shot to fame in 1968 for manufacturing processors that powered a wide range of computing devices. The company manufactures, sells and designs many computing products which mainly include core computing devices and communication platforms.
Intel announced in July that it is about to acquire eASIC. eASIC designs programmable chips and has almost two decades of experience in the field. Hence, the acquisition of eASIC will help Intel meet the future needs of their consumers. Moreover, they can now offer more choices at lower development cost.

7. Alibaba Group

Alibaba operates mobile and online marketplaces in wholesale and trade. The tech giant’s leading products range from digital media to cloud computing and e-commerce. This revolutionary company has come a long way and operates in more than 200 countries. Alibaba Group unveiled a concept store in Hong Kong this July. Alibaba empowers the store with artificial intelligence (AI) so it is able offer shoppers a personalized shopping experience.

8. Cisco

Cisco continues to rank high among old and emerging tech stocks. The company is well-known for its services and security products to prevent threats. Moreover, they customize their products for a wide range of activities. This June, Cisco announced a partnership with Walt Disney Studios to innovate StudioLab, a promising initiative from Disney. The studio aims to focus on the latest of technologies for incorporating into future ventures.

9. Netflix

Netflix is a popular streaming service, which functions in 190 countries. As of now, the service has over 125 million subscribers.
The company has evolved since its inception in 1997. This year, Netflix announced that the company is going to upgrade its download feature. This is a great update for users who are traveling or live in countries with spotty internet access.

10. Oracle

Oracle focuses on hardware and cloud services. It has been in the industry for more than thirty years. Oracle’s cloud platform provides complete SaaS application suites for human capital management and enterprise resource planning along with database platform as a service.
The updated service that rolled out this July offers a development perform where users can build their networks. Furthermore, they can incorporate the network within the company’s SaaS or a third-party application.


As companies continue to upgrade their services and features, investing in these tech-savvy companies could make sense for the long-term. However, do make sure you follow changing trends in the market to make a calculated guess. In fact, it might be a good idea to connect with a financial adviser, many times you can get some valuable free information right off the bat. To learn more check out our article on 10 things to look for in a good financial advisor.

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