Top 10 Tech Stocks Right Now


Tech investing is not for the faint of heart. However, if you buy the right companies and hold on to them, you can score life-changing gains. Here at ThinkRichThinkPoor we do not recommend stock picking and really feeling that trying to pick individual stocks that beat the average return of the market is not much … Read more

How to Raise Credit Scores from the Dumps (5 Simple Steps)


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7 Ways to Avoid (like the plague) Student Loan Debt


Right after high school, when you are planning on pursuing further education, you are suddenly faced with numerous difficult decisions. A shocking statistic shared by Make Lemonade shows that the number of student loan borrowers has become greater than 44 million and the total loan has amounted to be $1.3 trillion in 2017. Therefore, high … Read more

6 Financially Savvy Staycation Ideas!


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11 Interesting Characteristics of Successful People


Looking for the perfect equation for success? If you envy the likes of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and/or Mark Zuckerberg, you should know that most billionaires have similar characteristics that helped them reach their success. Sometimes it takes sheer hard work and resilience to accomplish your goals, other times it’s simply dumb luck. Whether you … Read more

Complete Guide to Paying Off Debt


Need help getting out of debt? Debt is no stranger to many people. According to Nerdwallet, average US household debt is $131,431 (as of September 2017). This is how some of the other statistics stack up according to their analysis. Average US Household Balances Who Hold Each Particular Debt Mortgages: $173,995 Student Loans: $46,597 Auto … Read more