Top 10 Tech Stocks Right Now


Tech investing is not for the faint of heart. However, if you buy the right companies and hold on to them, you can score life-changing gains. Here at ThinkRichThinkPoor we do not recommend stock picking and really feeling that trying to pick individual stocks that beat the average return of the market is not much … Read more

How to Raise Credit Scores from the Dumps (5 Simple Steps)


Like fine wine, credit scores (with these tips) will get better over time. Major increases to credit scores do not happen overnight, but with some focus and commitment you can drastically improve your credit score and raise it from the proverbial dumps. ThinkRich Tips Check your Credit Report Reduce Credit Card Debt Setup Payment Reminders … Read more

How to Get Started on LinkedIn – Step by Step Guide


Get started on LinkedIn today! By now most people have at least heard the word “LinkedIn” tossed around in their lives; let’s be clear on what exactly LinkedIn is and how to better think about the benefits of properly usage.  LinkedIn is a combination of your cell phone contacts, email contacts, breakroom water cooler, professional … Read more