10 Ways to Keep Your Financial Information Safe from Hackers


True story: people are always at risk of having their personal data compromised by hackers. To complicate matters, users find themselves inundated with an increasing number of online shopping platforms and “safe” online banking sites, including online wallets. A lot of the time when we want to order stuff online, we are sometimes apprehensive to … Read more

The Best Movies to Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Fire


When I watch movies or TV, I like to laugh, learn, or be inspired. When it comes to inspiring entrepreneurial spirit, these are my top go-to movies. While they, like pretty much every movie, take some “creative license” and romanticize a bit, the underlying stories are great fuel for inspiration. If you want to ruin…I … Read more

How To Apply The Powerful Harvard University Mindset To Your Life


This article is inspired by the time I spent at Harvard and my desire to share the mindsets around ThinkRich and ThinkPoor. Harvard University, founded in 1636, is located in Cambridge Massachusetts, and is the nation’s oldest and one of the most prestigious universities. United States Presidents that graduated from Harvard include John Adams, John … Read more